20 Easy Blog Topic Ideas

20 Easy Blog Topic Ideas

There comes a day when you run out of ideas to blog about or you just don’t feel like brainstorming your day away. Just for you, here is a list of 20 blog topics to satisfy your needs. With this list, you will be able to have 20 weeks of content (if you post once a week). Enjoy!

1. Top 5 favorite YouTubers with a short description explaining why

2. Q & A interview with an artist or musician

3. Review of your favorite and least favorite books

4. How to’s on anything you can do

5. Top 10 favorite video games

6. A day in the life (of you)

7. Opinions on voting

8. Latest celebrity gossip

9. Health and fitness

10. Recipes

11. Why you began blogging

12. Latest fashion trends

13. Let readers know about your love life

14. A letter to your past/future self

15. Mistakes you have learned from

16. Internet dating

17. Craziest dates you have been on

18. Favorite/least favorite musician

19. Your best skills/your worst skills

20. Your pets! When all else fails, everyone loves to see pets.

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