9 Tips on Obtaining Success in Blogging

9 Tips on Obtaining Success in Blogging

The world is alive and the internet is its heart! Part of keeping the heart beating is becoming a blogger that everyone loves to see. If you have never written a blog before, that is perfectly fine. There is a first time for everything, but you must know that writing a successful blog is not easy. With that being said, here are 10 tips to help you reach the top:

1. Know your topic(s): In the world of blogging, there will be a ton of people who want to dominate the same topic you have in mind. What makes or breaks the newer blogs is knowing what you are talking about, knowledge. Are you educated on the topic? Are you ready to face the trolls who will try to prove you wrong?

If you do not know your topic, that is okay as long as you are willing to do the homework and gain the knowledge. Unless you are an outlet similar to “The Onion” people frown upon blogs (or other outlets) that give false information.

2. Determine your audience: After getting to know your topic, you will want to write the content in the tone of who you are trying to attract to your page. Setting a tone is not just about how you write, but what you write. When you write television reviews to attract ages 20-30 you would not do a review on The Backyardigans or Dora the Explorer. Sure, there are some adults who enjoy those shows, but not enough to attract a large enough audience.

3. Be comfortable with your content: There are an excessive amount of beginner blogs that try to please potential viewers without knowing what to post. If you are a writer that does better without being in front of a camera, keep your articles written. The same goes for vloggers who are not good with putting their all into writing. If you are not comfortable with what you put out, it shows and you will lose your crowd.

4. Make it interactive: One of the most important things on this list is keeping your blog interactive. From comments to mini games that you have on your website, your audience should be able to engage with one another and talk with people they have things in common with. If you have a forum associated with your blog, people will come back as often as they can if the content is good, the site is professional and others come back as well.

5. Engage with your audience: Engaging with your audience is just as important as making it interactive. When you engage with the people who help you keep your blog alive, you will find that it is easier to receive feedback, keep track of trolls in the comments and even get suggestions. Listening and speaking to the interactors will help keep them there as well as creating a more of an audience/fan base.

6. Update often: If there are no words, there are no readers. The internet is known for being fast paced and keeping up with the times. Most blogs follow a schedule like webcomics, reviewers, vloggers, and other media- which makes up more than 50% of what people search for online. If you start a blog that takes off nicely, but cannot keep up with the content then your best bet is to make use of the queue or hire content writers. Otherwise, you will lose your audience faster than you gained them.

7. Learn to love promos: I get it, you do not want to shove your blog in another person’s face or flood their Facebook news feed with links back to your blog. Guess what? If you keep your links to yourself, you will be the only one reading or watching anything you post. Self-promoting your blog can be an extremely good idea if your content matches your friends. Why? Well, because your friends will share with their friends and their friends will share with their friends and so on, so forth. Spending that extra change to have an ad on Facebook or paying for ad space on a blog that is important to you will pay off in the long run.

8. Guest Post: Guest posting is exactly what it sounds like. Your blog is your baby by this point and you should be willing to get along with other bloggers to promote yourself. This includes finding another blog to write an article for or even a vlogger to show your face and vocally promote yourself through a video. Writing for any blog or showing up in a video with a large fan base can be good for you, but writing for blogs like yours and showing up in videos with related content is even better!

9. BE PATIENT: What many people who have blogs never tell you- unless they are teaching you about blogs- is that it… is… slow. The beginning of everyone’s journey into this field is not hundreds of thousands of followers immediately. No, instead, they had to break their fingers writing interesting content and sharing until their friends reached through their devices and turned off their screens. Patience is key when trying to grab a huge following, but if you are happy with a smaller following then that is perfectly okay, too!

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