About Ali

About Ali


I’m Ali and I warmly welcome you to my blog. I write simply about being me, my life and what I do in my retired state of mind.


What You’ll Find on My Blog

  • Blogging is my new creative outlet and I love writing about musing on my life, relationships and the things I get up to.
  • I love to cook so often feature food and recipes. I really value my health and am much more conscious of taking care of it by eating good, healthy food these days.
  • I also read a lot so do book and product reviews now and then if it strikes my fancy. 


A Little About Me

I’m retired and live in the Myrtle Beach area with my beautiful dog Sunday who is also my best friend. I love to travel and when I’m not at home I like cruising or joining tour groups to explore more foreign parts of the world.


My Blogging Journey

I discovered blogging quite late in life but it’s given me a real focus during my retirement years. I love that it provides me an opportunity to get out everything in my head – whether that’s a thought, a recipe or valuable advice that I’ve learned.

I also love that blogging gives me an opportunity to connect with others – both readers and fellow bloggers. Finishing work and retiring can often mean a loss of a community of colleagues & clients but blogging has allowed me to create these relationships again in the online world.

I just love what running a blog has given me and I hope I can inspire other older people to give blogging a go. Once you get over the initial fear of the “tech stuff” it can be fun and very rewarding.