On Being an Indigo

On Being an Indigo

It is said that we have lost touch with our inner selves, yet we continue to go through life. Losing touch with our inner selves was a mistake made when we started to think our way out of situations instead of feeling our way through those situations. When someone tells another who they really are (an Indigo), they are often met with the question, “What is that?” In short, they are people who recognize who they are inside and embrace it to carry on living in a way that is beneficial to one another. Much of humanity has lost their way of life and the only reaction to demonstrate the anger and confusion is to destroy what has been built. Now, though, people are becoming self-aware of who they are and what they need to do to fix the mistakes.


What is an Indigo?

An Indigo is known for their caring traits. Someone who is not an Indigo would question why they would continue to deal with such heavy responsibilities when they are not required to do so. However, Indigos have no problem helping, loving, listening, and overall caring for the people and the Earth. The era we live in today is in a constant battle of “Should we do this or should we ignore it?” but an Indigo analyzes the situation and if the ultimate ending is for the better, they are willing to accept the troubles that come with time.

The self-awareness of an Indigo is their best strength. They think before they do and they understand the consequences and long-term effect of what will happen if they do not help. If they can, they will.


Where did the word “Indigo” come from?

A writer, counselor, and teacher known as Nancy Ann Tappe studied the auras of different living beings. Through her studies, she found that certain people born in a certain era as early as the 50’s would be surrounded by the indigo color aura.

Many people believe Indigos only exist from the late 50’s and older. However, if you think about how far humanity goes back the characteristics of what an Indigo is goes far beyond that even if there was no name to call it back then.


What other characteristics of Indigos are there?

Wherever you look online the characteristics will be different. There is no right or wrong type of personality as long as that personality is kind, loving of the Earth and its inhabitants, and would lend a helping hand. They are the opposite of what this world has become, but they are not the same personality. So the next time you come across someone you may think is an Indigo or they tell you they are, get to know them and understand them. You may learn something new.

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