Soulmates vs. Life Partners

Soulmates vs. Life Partners

Possibly, at least once a day, you will see the words soulmates or life partners and quite often they are said to be one in the same. Comparing two differences and making it seem they are the same can cause chaos in one’s life as well as for the people involved. What is a soulmate? How about a life partner? What is the difference?

A soulmate is someone that will teach you a lesson to prepare you for events that will happen later in life. The time you spend with these soulmates is often limited and whether or not you are ready, they will leave you to handle those events without them.

Life partners are there for the long run, but they, too, are not promised to stay with you until the end. More often than not they are people that have your back regardless of circumstance and show this through their actions, not just words.

As children, we were taught that family stays, friends come and go, and strangers are irrelevant to our lives. We were never taught that everyone comes and goes and occasionally some will come back to us. This is crucial to how we deal with people that are supposed to leave us later in life. It is common that we do not deal well with being left and it can negatively impact our decisions when those life events begin to happen.

Identifying the Differences

When it comes to soulmates, these people are meant to awaken a part of you that will be needed in future events. They are there to be blunt and sometimes they are there to hurt your heart to show you not everyone in life is sweet and kind and loving. Hanging on to a soulmate that is supposed to leave your life will cause a great deal of chaos for everyone. Sudden tension and confusion will rise up and begin to rip the souls apart because they are being kept from going through their lessons or teaching others a lesson. Keeping someone in a situation they are not mentally or physically ready for is what will take a toll on their (or your) sanity. It is where we fall short.

People believe life partners are the same as soulmates without giving any deep thought as to what each means. Life partners are there to struggle with you and go through life with you. They will be there for the most important event that will change your life even if that event seems unimportant to you. A life partner is often someone you marry, but not always someone you are in love with. There will come times that this person will leave your life for a while, but they will come back to go through another event (even if it seems unimportant at that time).

Acceptance & Understanding

As we enter parts of our lives, it is important that you learn to be comfortable with yourself. It does not matter what religion you a part of or where on this planet you come from. Without accepting yourself, your soul will always push others away and you will miss out on a great lesson or a wonderful life partner. Accepting yourself is to accept the people that will be welcomed into your life.

Life will continue to go on with or without your acceptance of how it works. It is up to you to understand that someone leaving your life is not always a bad thing and they might come back later on.

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